Michael Brady Ltd - Testimonials


Nick Leslau

"Michael Brady Ltd have recently completed the comprehensive refurbishment of our family home in Mayfair with a contract value in excess of £2.5m.

Having spent twenty five years in the property industry it is rare that I am able to unreservebly recommend a building contractor but this is such an occasion.

The Company staff were always thorough, considered in their approach and highly professional. As with any job of this nature, involving significant coordination of highly technical disciplines in a Listed Building environment, problems are invariably encountered. It is how these were approached which was where Brady’s excelled. Many contractors see any construction problems as an excuse to charge excessively.

The Companys approach was always pragmatic and sensible. Their on site team were responsive and very helpful and Michael Brady himself always available at short notice to help resolve often difficult technical issues."

Alfred Munkenbeck - Munkenbeck & Partners

"It is difficult to find the right builder. Our work is always relatively 'complex' in that we try to optimise the space available so we don't leave a lot of room for error. Some builders love to work with us because the results are always photogenic and they are proud of the product. Others don't want to because we have difficult standards both visually and contractually.

We look for a builder who loves our particular kind of design, understands it and is not frightened of it. Michael Brady is very sympathetic.

Michael Brady Limited is particularly skilled at quality residential work on big existing houses. We have used him in Holland Park and Mayfair. He does the work quickly and well. He has also helped on our own offices. He did a terrific job at 50 Charles Street in Mayfair. He brought in excellent craftsmen and specialists. There we had a listed Georgian house which had been badly converted to offices. We gutted the whole building, removed the roof and added both an extra top storey and a two story glazed extension into the garden. The building throughout had modern bathrooms and kitchens with restored Georgian reception rooms and bedrooms. It was totally refurbished – and very efficiently."

Tricia Guild OBE

"Michael Brady Ltd have recently finished refurbishing my home in Notting Hill, which involved extensive remodelling of the existing structure. I found them to be extremely reliable and approachable throughout the nine month process, and the Site Manager Ilir Pacarada was exceptionally conscientious which enabled any potential problems to be resolved as swiftly as possible. 

As the founder of Designers Guild I have very high expectations of how a home should look and how it should function, and I am a stickler for detail. MBL were able to meet these high standards, and I am delighted with the end result. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential clients."


Jay Patankar - Patankar Associates

"It's good to work with Michael Brady Ltd because they really become part of the team - in fact they are offended if they are not involved in the whole process, which is reassuring for me because if they are I know they have a better understanding of what I am trying to achieve on a project than if they only turn up when they have to.

Michael Brady Ltd provides the goods on time and on quality. It is not looking for extras all the time - for example, if there are two types of materials that could be used for a specific part of a project MB Ltd offers the choice. Other contractors only offer the one that they will make the most money on. It is this honesty that is reassuring for architects, and it's not often you find it from a contractor.

I can also trust MB Ltd not to miss a deadline - only if client changes his mind, and then you would expect it. But projects are generally always finished on time, and we only need weekly or fortnightly meetings to check on progress because I trust them to get on with it without my constant supervision, which again you couldn't do with many contractors - that's valuable, because my time is valuable."

Archie Riby-Williams - Portman Heritage

"Michael Brady is a very high calibre building contractor who understands the high standards we need to achieve on our Central London projects and he has so far, always exceeded my expectations with his work. We do monitor our works extremely closely and with the wider professional team also keeping a close eye on costs and all design issues.

Nonetheless, Michael and his team have been great to work with. As you will already appreciate, your Site Manager is key to the overall success of any project. Michael Brady’s Noel O’Grady is simply the best Site Manager I have ever worked with, a no-nonsense guy who cares for the client’s best interests."